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Find e-mail of any person with the power of our own special invited algorithm.

Hiring? Saling?
You know who you want to contact.

You understand that this person matter for your business.
But you don’t know this person’s an e-mail address.
What should you do?
Forget about dreaded e-mail search!
Now it’s really as simple as possible.
Use HeadLight and admire of all your business opportunities!

To start Search you should fill name and surname and human domain

(wed-site of the company, which is used as the mail server).

The Search takes place on the special patterns of email addresses.

A verification of each combination of e-mail address takes place on the server.

HeadLight simulates a sending of e-mails to this address to test the response of the mail service.

Additional Functionality:
– Upload a document with customers’ data and get e-mail addresses of several people;
– Continue the search after finding one e-mail address;
– Check of popular domains (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.);
– See profiles in social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) linked to e-mail address.

Technologies: Java 8, Spring Boot, Gradle for build tool,

Swagger for documenting REST APIs, PostgreSQL, Docker, HTML, CSS, jQuery



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