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Project allows users to introduce in natural language the skills they possess

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“We are pleased with the result of your work. Maybe some more research in natural language processing would have been of great help. The overall result was good, and we would like to collaborate again…”

The program Ontology has to determine which of the introduced words represent skills and to add skills to the users’ CV.

As result of processing unstructured input text users must get the structured CV, written in correct format.

At the end the CV must be saved in a pdf-format.

The application is implemented as website.

The program determines which of the introduced words from user’s autobiography

represent skills and educational organizations.

User has possibility to edit and delete recognized data.

Due to new skills found via patterns and added by users the Ontology expands, covers more and more exciting skills.

  • Final CV has structured format:
  • – Personal information (Full name, Email, Date of Birth, Phone, Address – data entered via Login);
  • – Educational (Master, Bachelor, PhD, Courses, School);
  • – Skills (the list of skills and appropriate categories);
  • – Additional information (some description added by user).

As result of text parsing – user has possibility to launch CV which contains user’s contact data and the list of skills.

All new skills are added into the Ontology.

The whole CV information is saved to the database.

Technologies: Java, Spring, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, Gate



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