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The maze

Game for Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School has helped business leaders from a diverse mix of backgrounds,

industries, and countries advance their skills, careers, and companies.

Also has set the standard for executive training, providing a blueprint

for management courses at institutions around the world.
The goal of the iPad app is to automate some of the manual work currently required

when the “Electric Maze” exercise is run in the classroom.

It is designed to help trained facilitators run the “Electric Maze” exercise at Harvard Business School

(in MBA and executive education classrooms).

It consists of 3 main screens: Facilitator screen, Administration screen and Report screen.
The Facilitator screen allows facilitators to record actions (movements on the maze,

talking infractions, first person to complete the maze, last person to complete the maze).
The Administration screen can be used to enter the key configuration details: correct maze configuration,

the penalty for stepping on an incorrect square going forward on the maze,

the penalty for stepping on an incorrect square going backward on the maze,

the cost of time, and the total starting budget of each group.
The Report screen that shows the final performance of the group

(which can be emailed for more detailed output).

Technologies: Ionic, Firebase



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