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    In the age of information technologies, it is important to keep in touch with your clients and understand your customers better.
    How can you build the right type of relationship with your policyholders?
    How will you understand their needs and make smart upsells?
    How can you serve them better, personalizing their experience and achievements?
    The main challenge is how insurers can increase their own key retention metrics and business profits.
    We offer to solve this problem based on behavioral data drawn from internal and external data sources and build insurance insights to be able to fully utilize all customer data in a more meaningful way.

    The solution is a customizable, advanced analytics application that delivers predictive and cognitive models, plus pre-configured dashboards and pre-loaded customer segments based on our extensive policyholder research. Insurers can also load their own pre-defined segments. The solution empowers key decision-makers to analyze their data, then act quickly on the insights gained from their analysis.
    You are able to segment customers and fine-tune your insurance process for more personalized offers and engagement.
    Moreover, you get advanced pre-built analytics models like churn predictor, Recommendation Tool, and Customer Lifetime Value for faster integration and ROI.

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    As a result, you have a reliable solution that continuously improves the accuracy of decision-making with use and provides analytics and customizable models to suit your organization's specific metric requirements.

    In addition, each insurer can create the segmentation to gain insights into customer risks or opportunities, empowering everyone in the organization to make smarter decisions.

    With our solution, you will be able to pay close attention to customer loyalty and anticipate your customers' needs, identify retention initiatives at key interaction points, and enable each channel with retention actions customized for each policyholder.

    Key features:

    1. Reliable software for the best insurers.
    2. Dynamic customer segmentation.
    3. Pre-built Industry advanced analytics models.
    4. Self-learning cognitive models.
    5. Pre-integrated analytics & customizable models.

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