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    When the number of customers reaches a certain volume, each insurer faces the problem of managing and updating data in a timely fashion.

    Managing a large number of data sources, which must be processed, systematized, and updated manually, takes a lot of time for the insurer, and also leads to errors, miscalculations, and, subsequently, customer discontent. If your documentation is stored in paper form, the process is two to three times slower and carries the risk of losing or damaging physical documents.

    What will help you get rid of this problem and cut the data management time in half?

    Fortifier found a reliable solution: creating a fully customized CRM-system, which includes a set of specific functions and enables you to add others as needed. With this system, you will be able to efficiently monitor the current state of the policies for current clients, obtain consolidated information from various sources, collect information about potential customers, and fully automate the process of creating documents and reports, thereby calculating the cost of policies and controlling risks. Thanks to our reliable solution, you will be able to provide your customers with faster and more personalized service. A quality database will also help you create more targeted marketing campaigns that will certainly increase your sales.

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    With our solution you’ll have:

    1. More efficient data management.
    2. Profile of each client with consolidated information.
    3. Completely customized event calendars (corporate and personal), with a system of reminders and notifications.
    4. Tools for creating documentation or integrating existing documentation.
    5. Insurance policy calculator, or integration of the existing system into a multi-purpose data management solution.
    6. Automated system for controlling customer's policies.
    7. Ability to create targeted customer lists for effective marketing campaigns.
    8. Technical support and help with implementing our reliable solution to your business.

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