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Self-service insurance (SSI)

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As gadgets are growing in popularity, it becomes more difficult for insurance companies to work only offline. Clients want to track each step and have all their policy updates in one place. It’s important to have a policyholder’s online application, where they can pay bills, control their policy details, file claims, and handle other essential insurance activity, so we decided to create policy admin system.

Furthermore, all insurance companies will at some point understand the value that self-service solutions could bring to their customers.


You might be surprised at how a client self-service solution will increase your sales and make insurance handling easier. Customers can control billing and payments, applications and quotes, claims, relevant and time-sensitive product information – all without involving a customer service representative. This solution also helps with building the insurance company’s brand, empowering the client, and promoting customer satisfaction.

Fortifier provides a client self-service solution with the following policyholders features (including, but not limited to):

  1. Reliable software solution.
  2. Password-protected access with two-factor authentication.
  3. Information about policy details and policy change.
  4. Invoice and billing history.
  5. Claims tracking.
  6. Notifications setting.
  7. Wallet and pay online.
  8. Risk Management.
  9. Laws and regulations information.
  10. Clients own usage reporting.
  11. Insurance products and services information.
  12. Electronic application entry.
  13. Online chat and contact form.



With the implementation of clients self-service solution, your customers get the application that provides services 24/7. Each policyholder can control the policy purchasing and administration and use other functions that need most often.They get an easy and convenient user experience, so you can be sure that customers have no further questions. Moreover, it will reduce the time spent by end customers on insurance administration.