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Startup. Let’s talk about MVP

Startup. Let’s talk about MVP

Spoiler: Minimum Viable Product is not a Product but a Process.

For some of you, the idea of launching your own product stirs two competing emotions in you — hope and fear.
Fortunately, this post is for you.

There are 3 questions that we will answer today.

1. Why successful startups initially outsourced development of their work.
There are a lot of statements to prove it. You are welcome the article Successful Startups that use outsourced development.

2. What is Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

We are hearing a lot about — Minimum Viable Products, Minimum Lovable Products, Minimum Desirable Products, Minimum Marketable Products, Minimum Delightful Products, etc. Are these the synonyms? And what exactly MVP means.

Let’s start with the definition: MVP is a minimum viable product.

Preparing prototypes and nicely skinning is not building an MVP.
Having a set of minimum features (and ignoring the viability part) in your web application or mobile application is not an MVP.
Building a few mock-ups of your own application and showing it to users does not constitute an MVP.

Look up to the spoiler. Minimum Viable Product is not a Product but a Process.
How do you understand and define which set of features need to go out first?
Before answer this question, you should find out the 3 main issues below:
Who will be the target?
Why should people care?
What do you want users to do?

Well done! So the next point is to take risks, make a suggestion and do experiments. After you should get feedback from early adopters, make corrections, and again go back to them.
Only after these processes, you will get Minimum Viable Product.

So the MVP is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.

And how minimal should your MVP be? Be sure it is “Probably much more minimum than you think.”

Think you can not handle that? Fortifier can help.

3. On what should you pay attention to MVP creation?
There’s been a lot of talk on the concept of minimum viable product lately, but not much has been written on how to actually implement one.
You are welcome to start via Fortifier consultation. We have already written about IT Consulting for Startups.  

What are the key points?
Notice the main functionalities. Define the features that you think might attract clients’ attention. If you don’t exactly sure of them remember this lifehack: create non-functional links. What are them? When someone clicks them, a page with a counter is shown information: “this feature is currently under development and checks back soon”. So you will be able to to have the information about how many views the feature gets, hence its potential popularity and its need.

Have exactly timeframes or short budget?
Drop Internet Explorer and other non-popular sides.
Don’t waste your time with them, choice main ways where you can find your customers. This point is also connected to different mobile platform. Do you believe that you must create Android and IOS simultaneously? Start with one native application or even create the cross-platform development.

Some features are not required for the first day. Change plans? Add billing info? Cancel subscriptions? Those are things that people would need as they start to use your product or service. So to get to you fast, don’t waste time building these, just link them to your mail.

Remember! A good video is worth than million words. Don’t use pages, tour sites, or heavy javascript demos to explain your product or service. Define your message carefully and then create a video, that’s it. If you’re on budget, you can do it on your own but Fortifier strongly recommends you to work with a professional on this one.

Lovely summarizing.

Building MVPs is a tricky business. With a well-defined approach and an open mind, you can build MVPs that are great, desirable and lovable. See what the successful brands have done and learned from the ones which have failed. See what works best for your product and you definitely delight your audience.

Don’t let 2018 pass by without acting on your dream.
We all fear getting started. What you need to do is commit this summer to creating a minimum viable product — and allow the momentum to carry you toward your wildest business.

Be sure Fortifier like you reliable partner is always near.



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