Time and Materials

Reimbursement Model

In some cases, it is impossible to determine an exact scheme for the project. Whether you cannot establish the requirements with certainty, or you expect them to change during the execution period, the best thing you can do is apply the time and materials-focused model.

It’s an option that results in an optimal project price and duration with the ability to adjust the overall scope of the project and the employee workload. The due date for the payment is once every month (unless agreed upon otherwise), the amount is calculated according to jointly chosen hourly quota.

This model gives you a lot of freedom in terms of spontaneous actions, resource regulation, and project scaling according to your needs.

The Benefits of This Model:

  • You expect the requirements to change or you’re still not sure about them;
  • The project you’re working on has several stages;
  • You plan to scale the development according to your needs later;
  • You want a detailed and straightforward approach to pricing;
  • You require precise control over each part of the project.

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Fixed Price

Fortifier offers its customers a strategic outsourcing partnership, providing an extensive range of software product development services of exceptional quality ensured by experienced software engineers with proven technology practice, from Java, JavaScript, Python development, SaaS & Cloud Computing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based solutions.

The professional lineup Fortifier selects are guaranteed to fit in with your company and adhere to your demands and company policies. The assembled team will take good care of the project overall and of the resources your company provides. The size of the unit is ready to be adjusted according to your demands and the status of the project.

As a customer, you will appreciate the open communication and management system that comes with this model.

The Benefits of This Model:

  • You have full control over your new employees, the assignments they get and their efficiency;
  • The team is specifically tailored towards covering all your needs;
  • You can easily scale the team depending on any changes needed during the development process.

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Predefined Budget

If you have a clear and calculated plan for your project, this model is perfect for you. Before the start of our collaboration, Fortifier is going to assess the extent and intricacy of the job and estimate the strategy with a determined budget for design and maintenance.

The strategy we provide clearly defines the quality of the end product and the overall time frame. The more detailed your initial plan and analysis are, the better this model will work. With more time spent by both parties examining the possibilities, the satisfaction with the result is guaranteed.

The main advantage of this model is the predetermined budget you won’t need to make any adjustments to.

It Works Best for Projects That:

  • Can be thoroughly planned through;
  • Are not too technologically convoluted, to avoid unexpected errors;
  • Have a relatively low degree of risk.

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We know that every project requires a unique approach

As a development outsourcing company, we’re prepared to change our template approach to satisfy each of your demands.

As a result of your cooperation with Fortifier, you will get a more effective and functional team with a safer and more targeted approach to all your development needs.