Let our UI and UX designers create an intuitive design for your solution based on individual user behavior analytics.

What it’s About

Just creating an innovative solution is not enough for demanding customers nowadays. Considering that we perceive information first and foremost visually and that you can’t make a first impression twice, UI/UX design can either guarantee your solution’s success or bury it.

Besides an aesthetically pleasing interface, you need to design the user experience— UX design consulting provided by Fortifier comes in handy here, helping you provide an intuitive, easy-to-use interface where every button is right where it is the most convenient spot for it.

UX/UI Consulting is for

All organizations and solo professionals in the insurance industry that:

  • want to improve the customer experience and make it smooth and convenient
  • strive to attract more customers and retain existing ones
  • look for adequate and reasonable UX consulting rates
  • recognize how vital the user interface and user experience are