Industrial Automation

Automate your manufacturing processes to cut costs and increase productivity and accuracy. Let our team introduce innovations that will transform your enterprise.

What It’s About

Industrial automation is more than just mechanization—it is about replacing human labor in the tasks related to handling various manufacturing tasks and the machines themselves.

While it’s obvious that automation focuses on increasing productivity and cutting costs, the advantages don’t stop there—it significantly contributes to making the processes more flexible and their quality higher.

This Is For

The industrial enterprises that:

  • suffer from high operating costs and low productivity
  • need to bring more flexibility into the manufacturing process
  • want to eliminate the risks associated with human error
  • are willing to invest in gaining the benefits stated below and save on the expenses associated with human labor in the long run

Value Delivered

Mitigated risk of human error

Reduced operating costs

Increased productivity

Increased flexibility

Higher quality of the products

Improved safety for human employees

How It Works

Fortifier is your reliable partner in bringing more efficiency to your manufacturing processes. We pinpoint the key issues that can be improved by industrial automation software, analyze your requirements and business goals, present you with the solution concept, develop and implement it after your approval.

Here’s what we can help you with:

  • programming your machinery to perform certain tasks

  • creating a control panel for managing equipment remotely

  • performance monitoring, reporting, and data visualization

  • using the Internet of Things, Big Data and AI technologies for data analytics

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