Front-end Development

Let us create your next successful software solution that will take your business to the next level.

What It’s About

Front-end development of your insurance software solutions is a whole versatile digital foundation for your business to expand and prosper further, acquiring the customer’s attention strictly with quality and performance. We have been using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to craft websites and web apps of any complexity, fitting any requirements—all to help both you and your customers get an efficient insurance services shortcut.

This Is For

If you are interested in efficiently implementing a seamless, intuitive UI to reach the market-leading UX with the expert front-end web development for:

  • Boosting customer satisfaction levels dramatically
  • Getting a universally device-compatible, front-end design
  • Delivering software-powered insurance product comparison
  • Offering customers seamless UX & up-to-date UI design

Fortifier is a back-end + front-end development company that expertly crafts your digital solution for instant success.

Value Delivered

Based on our 6-year expertise of working with the client-side of JavaScript and composing complex HTML and CSS layouts for the insurance industry, Fortifier crafts budget-saving, business success-boosting solutions during the course of in-house front-end software development.

Creation of highly-responsive web apps

Enhancement of overall UX with interactive UIs

JavaScript development for both client-side & server-side

Implementation of cross-platform mobile apps

Full-cycle JavaScript-based front-end development services

Front-end chatbot solutions

Front-end policy administration services


Java Script, with its extensive package of libraries and frameworks, remains among the most used programming languages for efficient implementation of web apps, cross-platform mobile applications, insurance calculators, chatbots, policy customizations, and other solutions.
HTML/CSS – the most powerful combo for high-quality front-end development, with HTML employed to build up a web page carcass and CSS to grow some meat on it (visual components, content blocks, etc.).

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