P&C insurance software

What it's About

As an insurer or related expert, you will find P&C insurance software very efficient and helpful in managing property or casualty insurance policies, developing and administering new solutions, and improving policy flexibility along with underwriting. Use it to compose new policies, calculate their costs, and keep customer-issued policies recorded.

This is For

Key areas where p&c insurance software can help boost the efficiency of your business all-around include:

  • underwriting(switch from manual to the convenient automated processing to boost the efficiency of performance, enhance the end product quality, and reduce solution implementation terms)
  • claim management(automate core processes, personalize policyholder interactions, & reduce claims cycle time with the specialized property and casualty insurance claims software)
  • new product development(compose and test new product offerings through integrated analytics)
  • marketing(deliver use predictive and adaptive analytics as a foundation to help you offer the most in-demand and relevant products)

Value Delivered

Employ custom property and casualty software right now — get to achieve fast and sustained growth:

  • Reduction of quote time down to several minutes
  • Shortening of the submission-to-policy-issue process from days to minutes
  • Improvement of the claims processing performance by 20%
  • A 50-70% increase in policy sales overall
  • Facilitation of managing client property & casualty policies
  • Faster and smarter decision making
  • Customer service improvement

How it Works

Fortifier is here to build you a custom solution that would be either standalone software or part of an integrated system:

Efficient management of your policies

Integration/interface for 3rd-party and legacy systems

Consultation and further product support

Implementation of any kind of related p&c insurance systems