Cooperation With InsurTech

Fortifier is an advanced problem-solver for InsurTech companies and startups looking for high-end insurance market solutions and business support. We keep your workflow on the top-level performance while boosting your business powers with modern technologies.

For InsurTech Startups

A Dedicated Solution

Let us be your expert dedicated team of developers that will implement your business concept no matter the level of complexity or strictness of requirements. An original idea & sufficient budget are enough to start your project up - drop us a line & we’ll get to it at once!

A Cooperative Solution

We can partner up with your well tried-and-tested dev crew to combine our performing powers and build something truly advanced & innovative. Do you have an original business idea of that sort? Let us help you implement it as an expert technical partner or co-founder.

An Investor Demo Solution

Let’s outline the basics of the project you are only analyzing market opportunities for, but already want to have something to show the investors. An excellent way to accelerate your idea implementation. We’ll build a PoC, MVP, or Demo that won’t leave investors indifferent.

For InsurTech Companies

Product Development

Get enough time to focus on the most important bits of your project by letting us handle all the technical part. We have enough expertise & professional experience to support your InsurTech solution according to the high-quality software management standards.

Dev Team Member

We provide highly-qualified software development specialists to become a part of your dev team during the time of your project development, scaling or support. ‘Renting’ our experts will help you profitably accelerate project workflow without overloading your existing team.

Product Upgrade

If you have an existing, operating product on the market that you would like to ultimately enhance, we can help you update it, customize it according to your requirements, and properly integrate it with client’s existing system.

Is Fortifier Worth It?

Wide Hiring Options
  • Employ the high-performance input of expert dev teams
  • Save time on searching hiring boards & interviewing
  • Save on costly qualification courses, we share a lot of expertise.
Integral Team Management
  • Task management by advanced modern methodologies
  • Optimization of expert education expenses for your team
  • Risk management plan.
High-End Business Development
  • Impress investors with high-end MVPs & marketing presentations
  • Work alongside the top professionals in the niche
  • Focus on crucial project aspects while we do all the tech stuff.
Top Team Qualification
  • We are a band of passionate, result-driven IT experts
  • We direct you towards profitable InsurTech decisions
  • We are prompt & experienced at solving all sorts of dev issues.