Business Analysis

Employ Fortifier’s high-end business analysis service to identify software development issues and find the most efficient solutions

What it’s About

A dedicated business analyst can help you turn an idea or abstract concept in the comprehensive list of tasks that should be completed in order to help your business reach goals and get visible, measurable results.

Our business analysis consulting services will help you understand what exactly is needed to achieve certain business goals, identify and collect software requirements for a future solution, compose detailed work plans, and help the business, end users, and dev team always stay on the same page.

This is For

Any company, organization, or entrepreneur striving to:

  • Create an efficient, high-performance product that would fully correspond with the client requirements and meet user expectations
  • Gain expertise in the aspects of usability, interface design, and user-software interactions
  • Save company budget on profitably outsourcing business process and industry analysis
  • Understand the market environment and competitor tendencies better
  • Minimize risks related to deadlines, budget, and expected end results

Value Delivered

We are a Business Analysis Services Company

  • Enhance ROI through the identification of business requirements for a certain software product
  • Decrease costs by reducing risks and potential expenses
  • Employ deep expertise in the technology and domain fields, which allows creating the most efficient IT solutions
  • Work with stakeholders better by getting a full, detailed representation of their demands and requirements from the get-go

How it Works

Our in-house expert thoroughly inspects your business workflow, goals, and concept as a whole to find out what exactly your business wants to get as a result of IT product development — how it looks, performs, and how to explain everything properly to developers. An all-around attentive approach will give you predictable, efficient results.

All-around business analysis services that help determine your role in the market

Define the project boundaries based on the budget

Identify and capture software requirements

Design user interface and implement screens prototyping

Manage requirements thoroughly

Efficiently translate major project points to all involved stakeholders