Back-end Development

Let us create your next successful software solution that will take your business to the next level.

What It’s About

Security, structure, and proper content management – these are Fortifier’s pillars of expert, sales-boosting back-end development. Our seasoned developers employ PHP, Java, Python, and other tools, build the most budget-fitting yet powerful technology stacks – all to deliver you a solution that runs smoothly, helps customers efficiently handle insurance pains, and boost your business success in the long run.

This Is For

In terms of professional back-end development, we have been implementing numerous software concepts of varying complexity for most diverse projects throughout our software-building career. We can get you a cost-efficient yet high-performance solution in terms of:

  • Web & mobile apps creation
  • Integration of RESTful & Custom APIs
  • Back-end claim services for facilitating claim processing
  • Cloud-based apps & solutions
  • Impressive, capable MVPs for rapid startup growth
  • Integration & customization of CRMs

We possess the back-end development expertise collected throughout the years of satisfying OUR clients and THEIR customers.

Value Delivered

We provide only fast-performing, reliable in terms of personal data storage, and secure from all possible breaches back-end solutions to satisfy your insurtech and insurance business enhancement needs of any complexity. The back-end application development by Fortifier includes:

Business apps of any focus & complexity

Insurance-focused CRM platforms

MVPs for eager startups

Custom back-end development services

AI- & Big Data-based solutions

Web & mobile apps for insurance


Java is pretty big in the insurance sector right now. It allows implementing front and back office e-trading systems, settlement and confirmation systems, data processing tools, and other solutions.
Python is a Data Science and Artificial Intelligence development powerhouse. Fintech, travel & booking solutions, logistic, healthcare products, etc. – it is all efficiently realized with Python. It also enables faster MVP creation, which is a major plus for startups.
PHP helps us compose MVC design patterns and provide in-depth optimized web app architecture based on our deep expertise in the matter.

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