Artificial Intelligence

Get ready to rethink your business and transform it with the help of AI.

What It’s About

From fraud detection to enhancing the customer experience, experts predict that the modern rates of AI development could be behind every major insurance decision within the next decade.

Whether telematics, autonomous vehicles, chatbots, or customization platforms, the market will likely move towards companies that are able to best harness artificial intelligence-based insurance to improve the customer on-boarding and claim management process.

This Is For

Fortifier’s latest developments in artificial intelligence are for the insurance organizations, brokers, agents, and consultants that strive to achieve their business goals and provide better services by using AI processes as a solution for specific problems:

  • AI can identify patterns in data and help identify fraudulent claims in the process
  • insurers can fast-track claims, reducing the time and costs of processing while enhancing customer experience
  • offer more personalized policies for their customers with artificial intelligence product development
  • AI-powered chatbots to deliver 24×7, fast and efficient customer service
  • customize coverage for specific items and events (known as on-demand insurance)

Value Delivered

We employ a range of artificial intelligence development tools to transform your organization into a pioneer in your niche by creating and implementing solutions powered by AI and neural networks.

Powered by AI development of solutions for behavior analysis that can improve marketing campaigns’ efficiency

AI-powered personalized insurance purchasing

Self-learning AI chatbots for FNOL automation & artificial intelligence-based business development

Fraud detection algorithms for speeding up claims settlements & artificial intelligence-backed insurance claims

Self-learning algorithm for processing and analyzing data and getting relevant insights

Sensors and apps for behavioral policy pricing

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