Custom AI Chatbot Development for Insurance

A chatbot for insurance services your company provides may as well be a real game-changer in terms of the ultimate accessibility of your insurance services—chatbots never sleep and allow cutting staff costs significantly, helping consult and initiate, bringing efficient automation to many crucial processes, and accelerating your customer support capacities as a whole.

AI-powered Chatbot for Insurance Development Services

An insurance company-dedicated chatbot will be your business-enhancing assistant available 24/7 that will help you automate, simplify, and accelerate the customer FNOL journey, customer marketing, and insurance principles education, and, ultimately, the way your clients receive your company services upon the initial demand. Taking a look at the related statistics, you can clearly see that the vast majority of the currently operating market players are targeted at getting chatbots, with their implementation allowing to save up to 24%-46% of the yearly budget. The parts of the insurance value chain most impacted by chatbots:

  • quote delivering and buying
  • policy servicing
  • claims processing
  • educating and marketing

Benefits Fortifier Delivers with Insurance Chatbots

If you want to successfully strive in the modern, highly-competitive insurance industry, a chatbot is a must-have feature. Fortifier’s chatbot development for insurance will help your company:

  • Prevent any customer support downtimes and inconsistencies due to time zones, live experts’ availability, etc.
  • Get flexible chatbot development services focused on your particular business goals and close requirements.
  • Automate crucial service delivery processes efficiently such as FNOL, claims processing, and insurance consultation with elaborate comparisons of the insurance plans and products.
  • Keep all of your clients in the know with an all-around, knowledgeable, accessible automated assistant available at all times

Fortifier Readily Delivers

We are here to lead your business toward the top leading positions in your market niche with expertly developed and implemented self-learning AI-powered chatbots for FNOL automation and sales process simplification.

  • Chatbots based on the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that endlessly expand knowledge along with the workflow experience and facilitate manual claims processing dramatically.
  • Constantly developing and improving software that provides expert consulting and educational service for your clients.
  • Automated software with extensive support and various optimization options developed by the experts specializing in building chatbots for insurance.
  • A self-learning algorithm that autonomously processes and analyzes data to provide relevant insights.

Technology used

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Why Should You Trust

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Insurance industry experience(20+ delivered projects) - over a dozen exclusive projects for Insurtech companies and as many assets for striving startups developed and done. And the streak is only to be continued.


Technological expertise - we have been working with the industry-leading, advanced technologies like the IoT, ML, NLP, AI, and many others for years now. We can say with full confidence that we have a good in-depth hand of major progressive tech concepts.


TOP Rank on - Fortifier is one of the highest-performing software development providers in Europe according to the majority of Clutch reviews. This is the one recognition we are proud of as a tech expert.


In-house Insurtech R&D Department - our separate dedicated department is working on an absolutely novel AI- and ML-based Insurtech solution - the first-ever flights' insurance software with immediate payouts. Insurtech is our forte so we explore it far and wide to see how we can ultimately improve the industry.


Experienced Startups technical partner - helping out startups grow and develop up to a truly competitive state of business is another thing we have in-depth experience in. Among a dozen startups developed and supported, we have been mentoring startups in the Hartford Insurtech Hub.


Business development offices in Germany and the UK - Fortifier is international, having offices and headquarters based all over the globe.


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