Machine Learning & Cognitive Computing

Step into the future using Machine Learning and pioneer new niches.

What It’s About

Machine Learning and cognitive computing are a part of the AI scope of technologies, yet they are far more advanced in mimicking human intelligence. Machine Learning development provides solutions that are better than humans at performing certain tasks—so, they “learn” to become more efficient. Such solutions’ main purposes are automating internal processes, underwriting, and assessment.

This Is For

Machine learning insurance applications help to increase operational efficiency, boost customer service, and even detect fraud. The advantage of recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for insurance to solve business challenges across the insurance value chain can drive the efficiency for the insurers that:

  • look for the ways how to manage the initial interaction to determining which coverage a customer requires
  • would like to improve operational efficiency, from claims registration to claims settlement
  • want to identify potentially fraudulent claims faster and more accurately through machine learning app development
  • require to predict premiums and losses for their policies
  • are willing to improve the customer experience and satisfy customers’ needs

Value Delivered

Machine Learning software development can transform every aspect of how you are doing business, and we are here to help you with this.

Machine learning consulting

Tools for comprehensive insurance market analysis

Algorithms for personalizing pricing policies based on customer data

Chatbots and AI assistants for communication with customers

Fraud detection algorithms

Tools for personalized marketing campaigns and showing relevant recommendations

Tools for risk assessment and management

Machine learning development of solutions for lifetime value prediction

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