Take the lead in the emerging niche of blockchain-powered insurance solutions.

What It’s About

Blockchain is one of the most hyped technologies out there. It is a technology that allows storing data in a chain of immutable verified blocks accessible to all parties.

This technology can solve many issues for a number of industries, and insurance is no exception. Blockchain can eliminate the risk of fraudulent actions and bring transparency to the industry. Smart contracts can become the new standard for reliable underwriting.

This Is For

The insurance providers that:

  • deal with sensitive corporate and personal data
  • strive to provide transparency and accountability to their partners and customers
  • want to make business operations more efficient
  • need to enhance their business data safety with an additional layer of security

Value Delivered

Reduced costs, errors, and improved time efficiency

Instant access to the data for all the parties involved

Improved data security

Minimized reputational risks

Improved fraudulent claims detection

Eliminating the risk of suspicious or fraudulent operations

How It Works

We make a detailed comprehensive Test Plan before starting the development that describes what tests and when we are going to perform, and when you are going to get the test reports.

  • Record activities (including transactions) on a permanent immutable ledger where all the parties can see them and rest assured they are legit
  • Rest assured the sensitive data is encrypted and secure
  • Authenticate the users, transactions made, and policies enforced to make sure no suspicious activity can occur
  • Automate underwriting using smart contracts technology

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