Data Transfering Solution

As your business grows and advances in terms of technical capabilities, all the technological framework must optimally expand along with it. About 40% of insurance companies consider their switching from a legacy system as a key point in their digital transformation tactics. An updated legacy system integration allows for achieving reasonable scalability and data transferring at an adequate pace and expenses.

A Handy Data Transfering Solution for IT Systems

We update your old, technologically-stale legacy systems to fit the relevant standards and keep your business flexible in all aspects. Legacy system integration issues include multiple systems completing identical tasks, such as policy administration, claims management, document production, rating, etc. as well as ever-increasing expenses due to the complexity of maintaining systems in a growing company. Fortifier’s goal is to enhance business processes and decision-making procedures with the integration of multiple disparate data sources into a centralized view.

Keep Your Insurance Business Up-To-Date

Complete, in-depth legacy integration services provided by Fortifier will help your business handle infrastructural bottlenecks that prevent analytical models from operating to scale with:

  • Increased workflow speed by 13% with downtimes due to info downloading excluded;
  • Accessible centralized storage of all data from disparate sources;
  • Efficient data analysis for fraud detection, price optimization, social media analytics, and cybersecurity;
  • Reduction of dependence on internal IT projects and resources;
  • Ultimate enhancement of business processes and decision-making capabilities.

Update Your System with Fortifier

We provide all-around integration services by:

  • Data migration and synchronization among both legacy and new systems as required by your particular business goals;
  • Secure integrations via APIs, which connects all IT systems, databases, devices, applications, cloud services, and partners;
  • Adapting to your budget and providing the most cost-efficient ways of integration;
  • Making sure that your IT system integration is supported and aided by our technical experts 24/7.

Technology used

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Why Should You Trust

Your Project to Fortifier?


Insurance industry experience(20+ delivered projects) - over a dozen exclusive projects for Insurtech companies and as many assets for striving startups developed and done. And the streak is only to be continued.


Technological expertise - we have been working with the industry-leading, advanced technologies like the IoT, ML, NLP, AI, and many others for years now. We can say with full confidence that we have a good in-depth hand of major progressive tech concepts.


TOP Rank on - Fortifier is one of the highest-performing software development providers in Europe according to the majority of Clutch reviews. This is the one recognition we are proud of as a tech expert.


In-house Insurtech R&D Department - our separate dedicated department is working on an absolutely novel AI- and ML-based Insurtech solution - the first-ever flights' insurance software with immediate payouts. Insurtech is our forte so we explore it far and wide to see how we can ultimately improve the industry.


Experienced Startups technical partner - helping out startups grow and develop up to a truly competitive state of business is another thing we have in-depth experience in. Among a dozen startups developed and supported, we have been mentoring startups in the Hartford Insurtech Hub.


Business development offices in Germany and the UK - Fortifier is international, having offices and headquarters based all over the globe.


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