Internet of Things Solutions

Take your risk management and premium personalization to the next level with an innovative IoT solution.

What It’s About

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that connects various devices, vehicles, home appliances, etc. into a single network to collect and transfer data without human involvement.

This technology provides insurers with tons of accurate data that can be tracked in real-time and stored as history as well as extensive Internet of Things development opportunities.

This data can be used to get insights into individual customer behavior and make wiser decisions based on those insights. Get the ultimate boost with the Internet of Things aiding your business development.

This Is For

Fortifier offers high-quality Internet of Things product development for insurance providers that:

  • want to significantly improve risk management and make more profit as a result
  • calculate risk and adjust policies as situations change
  • decrease the number of claims and lower insurance prices for customers who have reduced risks
  • add an element of customization to insurance
  • want to exceed customers’ expectations

Top-Quality Internet of Things software development

Internet of Things solutions allow insurers to personalize premiums and improve risk management based on the data collected by the network nodes. Moreover, the technology powers such new business models as “pay-as-you-drive.” We provide Internet of Things development services for the following insurance sectors:

Auto insurance

Home insurance

Property insurance

Cargo insurance

Medical insurance

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