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Best practice in insurance are based on fair solution

and strong financial guarantees.

MetLife Inc. knows that the insurance sector can play a critical role

in financial and economic development.

By reducing uncertainty and the impact of large losses,

the sector can encourage new investments, innovation, and competition.

With a CRM and customer management strategy, B2B organizations can get

to know more about the decision makers

and influencers within each organization they’re targeting and can use that information

to address prospects’ specific needs and build relationships that

help to prevent dissatisfaction and potential revenue loss.

The application is being developed mainly for insurance agents.

It will allow them to perform calculations on various types of insurance products depending

on the data about a potential client, such as age, sex, and risk level.

The result of the calculations is output to display.

Additionally, the application sends data to the server over XML in order to generate a quotation offer

for a potential client and then send it out to the specified email address.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Cordova, Marionette.js, Require.js, jQuery, Node.js



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