Customized InsurTech Solution

Our R&D team conducts a deep analysis of your company’s needs, challenges, and strategy in order to deliver a tailor-made customized solution. This solution is guaranteed to cover your business needs and take you several steps closer to achieving your business goals.

What It's About

In today’s market, you have to be faster, unique, and provide convenience to stand out and win over customers’ hearts.

Business tasks are already a lot to take care of—let us deal with the software part.

This Is For

  • Insurance providers that need a unique solution developed from scratch or updated
  • InsurTech companies and startups that need a short-term or long-term technical partner
  • Insurance providers that need to integrate a new solution with already used corporate tools and/or third-party platforms

Value Delivered

Streamlined administrative workflows

Reduced time-to-market period

Faster and more accurate claims management

Increased employee efficiency

Reduced costs

Enhanced tailored customer engagement

How It Works

Step 1

Determining the weak spots and opportunities for improvement in your current workflow

Step 2

Designing the technical strategy and the solution’s concept

Step 3

Presenting you with a risk management plan

Step 4

Designing a prototype within the shortest terms

Step 5

Turning it into a ready-to-use solution

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Technology Expertise

Explore Solution Examples

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Insurance Marketplace

Nowadays it is difficult to choice needed insurance coverage for buyers and too expensive for brokers to engage clients.

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Insurance Calculator

On the wave of world digitalization, your customers expect high level of services and don't want to wait. That's why there is high risk to loose your client if you don't speed up your workflow and make it so accurate as possible. IT technologies can do it for you.

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Claim Management System

Now, legacy systems is one of the biggest headaches of insurers. It doesn't allow professional to improve their results and companies lose a lot of money that can be safer via implementation of innovative software.