Insurance Marketplace Solution

Get an insurance marketplace that provides an excellent customer experience and improves customer engagement, developed according to the top latest development practices.

What It's About

Fortifier, as a reliable insurance marketplace solution provider, can design for you such a platform that will solve two issues present in the insurance market:

  1. how hard it can be for customers to find the insurance according to their needs
  2. how expensive it is for brokers to engage more customers

This Is For

Developing an insurance marketplace solution is a good option for insurance companies/agents/brokers that:

  • serve clients that prefer to cooperate with you online
  • wish to transform management into a real-time paperless format
  • would like to cut costs and optimize time efficiency
  • want to reduce the risk of fraudulent claims from the very outset

Value Delivered

Getting a solution with an intuitive user interface and smooth user experience

Improving customer engagement

Ensuring high-level security for making transactions, claims processing, and other insurance processes by using blockchain

Implementing an online claim processing and management system

How It Works

  • Your customers get an opportunity to find, compare, and purchase insurance policies in an easy and convenient way

  • Customers can manage their purchased policies, track claims’ status, and get reports via their personal accounts

  • Predictive analytics helps to adjust what products the user sees based on the personal preferences, so he or she is presented only with relevant policies

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Technology Expertise

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