Text recognition

Save your employees’ time and increase their productivity by automating text recognition.

What It’s About

Text recognition, also known as optical character recognition, allows detecting text in images and videos and transforming it into text documents. This technology can save your staff from having to manually re-enter information from handwritten or printed claims and insurance policies they fill in during the purchase and, therefore, save time.

This Is For

The insurers that:

  • suffer from large amounts of manual data input work
  • strive to increase the claims processing efficiency
  • want to increase employee productivity
  • recognize the importance of routine task automation

Value Delivered

Faster and more accurate claims and insurance policy processing

Automated routine manual data input tasks

Reduced costs and time efficiency

Increased employee productivity

Improved performance

How It Works

Text recognition can be a game changer in terms of automating manual data input and speeding up claims processing. Here is what solutions we can make for you:

Desktop and mobile apps for recognizing handwritten text

Desktop and mobile solutions for detecting printed text

Tools for natural language processing to automate data processing, etc

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