Improve the efficiency of your educational program with a custom e-learning solution tailored to your needs.

What It’s About

E-learning solutions can make learning processes more efficient using gamification via various technologies. Additionally, e-learning software makes education accessible to anyone anywhere at any time—no need to bring all the learners together in the same room. Moreover, data analytics allows for the personalized approach towards any learner and more accurate progress assessment.

Education can be something more than just sitting and listening to the lecturer, and we are here to turn education into an interactive and more efficient process. We develop e-learning solutions that allow enjoying all the advantages described above and even more.

This Is For

Any organization that:

  • provides educational services or corporate training
  • is willing to improve the efficiency of its educational programs
  • would like to personalize education
  • want to implement the data-driven approach to facilitating learning processes

Value Delivered

A personalized approach to every learner

Detailed progress tracking and proper skills assessment

Remote access to the materials

Data-driven education facilitation

Increased efficiency of the educational activities

A wider set of tools for making education more interactive and interesting

How It Works

At Fortifier, we implement the innovative vision of educational processes in the form of application for teachers, students, and corporate education parties. Whether you would like to improve your corporate training efficiency or transform the way you provide educational services, here’s what we can develop for you:

  • custom web and mobile educational applications

  • platforms for massive open online courses

  • learning management systems

  • platforms for online simulations and workshops

  • skills and competencies assessment solutions

  • data analytics algorithms for making the education process data-driven and personalized

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