Insurance Digital Marketing Trends And Insurance Digitalization

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Insurers, agencies, and customers are increasingly using the Internet of Things, new self-created software and mobile application but greater reliance on these technologies could bring problems that ripple through an entire connected system. In spite of this Marsh’s U.S. Casualty Practice asserts in its report, The U.S. Casualty Insurance Market in 2017: 10 Trends to Watch.

“As the world becomes more interconnected, the boundaries blur between traditional product liability and cyber insurance,” Marsh notes in its report. “In 2017, we can expect to see more unintended consequences from the IoT – leading insurers to ask more questions about their own risk aggregation and possibly change the way they provide coverage for risks associated with connected devices.”

To avoid risks related to cyber, particularly business interruption and contingent interruption use reliable and trustful IT development partners.

There are 2 ways in which Fortifier is ready to help to insurance digital marketing.

  1. Telematics.

With internet connection insurers are able to track a customer’s vehicle performance and driving behavior. So you should create a new insurance form that would reward safer drivers with lower rates.

  1. Technology progress and advancements in the behavioral sciences are really the most important.

Below there are 5 insurance marketing trends, that connect with technology or behavioral sciences advancements, both driving change and creating the opportunity for the insurance industry.

  • The millennial effect.

Millennials are affecting everything – including the insurance services. The Millennial generation is the largest generation in U.S. history and is creating tremendous social and business change as they move through the various stages of their lives.

Millennials, and now other generations, demand that information and service be immediate and able to be accessed in user-friendly ways everywhere, at any time.

Insurance companies must turn to increasingly advanced technology to engage and service Millennials. Nowadays it is a necessity to be representative at the all kinds of mobile devices as IOS as Android platforms.

  • Technology and customer relationship.

A few years before customer service as well as customer relationship management used to be only human-to-human enterprise. Nowadays leading insurance customer service centers have data flowing in from a number of digital sources such as digital devices, social media, mobile devices, and other online sessions. So information technology infrastructure for insurance agencies must be much more robust to manage all of the customer’s data and allow customers to be served in the manner they demand.

  • Website Google ranking.

It makes a drastic change in how a site is placed within the search results. Just now it is not easy to create an insurance marketing strategy that will determine what will be the correct steps in ensuring that a site will retain its ranking on Google search results. More information at 13 ways life insurance agents can increase sales in 2018.

Mobile devices changed the way people live and even shopping process. Insurance carriers have made it easy to buy insurance online, many larger agencies have followed.

I understand that insurance agencies seemed to have fallen behind the digital movement for one reason or another, so here are some numbers to show you why it’s time to find a partner in IT area:

  1. A recent study showed that 74% of shoppers go online to get insurance quotes and research insurance.
  2. More than 70% of searches for local businesses start on a mobile device. Only imagine if they have your mobile insurance application and quick convenient access to proof of insurance!
  3. 60% of users will not return to a site they could not reach on a mobile device.
  4. Astounding 20% of insurance agencies have not a website and 80% have their own websites. As usually they are not mobile friendly, and they are not doing any social media or search engine optimization (SEO).
  5. Investing in a new mobile-friendly modern website and a marketing program will increase your insurance business by 30% in one year. Believe me.

As the last point, think about one thing. While everyone else is being found on mobile gadgets and search engines, and you are not, who do you think the majority of clients searching for insurance in your area will call? The answer is really clear.

Start your changing via Fortifier services.

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