13 Ways Agents Can Increase Insurance Sales In 2018

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How to sell insurance… Faster and more effectively?

And why are there 13 ways? One of the things I try to do with Fortifier blog is to break stereotypes.

Every insurer has his own work style and knows that making the sales process quicker is the best way to get and serve more clients.

Here you are welcome to read 13 tricks that will help you to increase insurance sales.

  1. Clients’ motivation.

The first and main step is convincing a person that he or she is interested in your insurance services. That they really need it and they are ready to spend money on it. If you can’t get someone to believe in the need for your insurance services, you won’t make a sale regardless of even the highest quality of your offer.

  1. Sales strategy.

The next step is to determine what sales approach resonates best exactly for this client. Some people prefer to pay a premium on an annual basis, while others want a monthly payment plan that works with their income flow. Some clients want to optimize their choice and expect their agent to provide information and help sorting through the complex decision. Others expect that their agent will simplify their decision. You need to find out the best option, adapt the sales process accordingly and it will increase insurance sales.

  1. Don’t worry about rejection.

The actual execution of the job of insurance agent can be disheartening, at least at the start. The first lead you contact as usually is going to say no. The second lead is going to say no. Be happy and the tenth will be exactly yours.

  1. Education.

People think that the best agents are the ones with the most and most respected designations – Chartered Life Underwriter; Certified Insurance Counselor; Fellow, Life Management Institute, etc. The fact it is not the universal truth. But study and instruction will help you a lot.

Combine flawless business ethics with real-world education and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t flourish.

  1. Emergency info wallet cards.

Catch the idea how to be famous and increase insurance sales. Write local emergency numbers, for example the emergency medical services, fire department, police, etc. Include your contact information and the phone number for this card too. Customers will be glad to carry such card around in their wallet and use if it will be needed.

  1. Use Social network.

More at Using social networks for Insurance. How to find out and hold your own clients.

Here are an interesting tip: photograph your events.

I am sure that you visit a lot of different events and gain new connections. Start taking pictures and post them to your website and/or social media accounts. It can draw lots of people to connect with you on social media or to visit your website. It’s also great for developing a connection with the local community.

  1. Build and maintain your relationships.

Referrals and repeat business create sales. Make sure your clients have your contact information so they can get in touch with you whenever their needs change, and easily refer you to their friends and family.

  1. Create your website.

This is 2018, and every business should have a website that allows them to easily publish and edit their own content online.

One tip for you: create a page on your website that allows people to refer their friends to your agency. And if there is not this page at your website, it’s time to get a new website and let it increase insurance sales.

  1. Website Google ranking.

Google will rank your insurance businesses based on 3 main things: location, relevance and prominence. Location shows that you will show for searches near your physical location. Relevance shows that you will show for search terms related to insurance (not restaurants, hotels, lawyers, etc. Prominence shows how often Google comes across your business name address when they surf the entire web.

Improve if something goes wrong. Hire a SEO specialist or learn how to do it yourself.

And of course, your website must be mobile-friendly.

  1. Use your own mobile application.

Tips: get in their cell phone.

Just know you even can’t find the person without mobile phone. Encourage your clients to download your insurance agency application, where there is all actual needed information about your services. They will be walking around with your contact information everywhere they go! And of course, they will tell about your application to friends and family. Great!

  1. Use your own software solution.

When’s the last time you thought about your software and/or mobile application?

Is your current software solutions delivering everything you can get from it?

Thшы provides the first impression for hundreds or thousands of people about your agency. Your clients should think: Wow, insurers use and it’s simple and useful for me! Add new features. For example, wouldn’t it be great if people could pull up your insurance agency when they did a search on their smartphone or factory installed GPS device? If someone is looking for insurance on the GPS device, I’d rather say they are pretty committed to buy the insurance services.

  1. Post clients’ letters.

If someone writes a letter to you or sends an email, or even posts a positive comment online about your agency, print it out and post it in a visible location. Shoppers look to others for guidance. It will really improve their impression of your insurance business.

  1. Collect and analyze your results.

Track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, your cold calling, email-marketing, etc. So you’ll be able to create a really great in budget marketing strategy and updates it if it is needed.

Don’t just read this article! It’s sticking around that’s the hard part, but

  1. Make a list of marketing insurance strategies that are going to help you.
  2. Develop an actionable and actual sales plan to follow through.
  3. And ask any questions if you want to get more.
  4. Let number 13 bring you success and increase insurance sales!

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