02 Oct 2018

Fortifier Insurance Software Development

The global digitalization and millennials force insurtech companies to respond to competition and create innovative and efficient technological solutions in its business process.

I often tell, the fact is that customer-centered software development services assist insurance agencies and individual insurers in improving operational efficiency and delivering innovative software solutions to market faster. As you know Fortifier Team provides outsourcing services, so in this article I will show the bonuses of outsourcing cooperation, process stages and provide some interesting data.

Outsourcing bonuses.

IT outsourcing providers as usually have extensive expertise in working with businesses in a related field (e.g. Fortifieralso provides cooperation between healthcare and insurance fields), experience in blockchain and other technologies which are trendy in insurtech. We offer a wide range of services which adapt to the business requirements of a specific client. So your outsourcing partner may help you to increase the level of transaction security, automate business processes and give valuable insights about how to improve the insurance processes using technological and gadgets innovations. Of course we shouldn’t forget about increasing of customer satisfaction, loyalty level and attract new customers via qualitative software and application.

Notice 4 Fortifier main points as your own outsourcing software development partner:

  1. Here at Fortifier for our customers we provide a creation of a wide range of high-quality insurance web and mobile software with cutting-edge functionality, which meets the modern expectations of insurance services providers in the USA and European markets.
  2. We use the latest available technologies to satisfy our customers’ needs, and industry specific challenges. Respond to change in a market which has established for many years.
  3. You get dedicated developers who are well-versed in the usage of the most recent insurance tools and coding practices.
  4. We share extensive insurance knowledge coupled with technical experience to ensure that our clients can create, distribute and administer new products competitively.

So now you understand why only a few software development companies are capable of delivering Insurance expertise.

Let’s pay attention at how you can be competitive and get efficient technological solutions for your business.

  1. Use the contact form in our website
  2. You are welcome to call +1 650-772-4259 or write an email to
  3. Within 24 hours our Manager will contact you.
  4. Simply describe your operation—step-by-step, every detail and desires. Fortifier Manager will ask pertinent questions, and gain an understanding of your company’s inner workings.
  5. Then we work together to determine how to make the development process quick, efficient and to keep your budget.
  6. You are welcome for new features adding to your current software. Fortifier can modify or redevelop it —whichever makes more sense.
  7. Relax and monitoring the development process via task-tracker system or bi weekly updating emails.
  8. Get your own software or mobile application and increase your efficient and sales.

How does your own software solution cost?

For your convenience we offer 3 pricing model. More details at

Fixed price.

Time and Material.

Dedicated Team.

Create solutions for facilitating and optimizing your insurance processes, measure and control risk, reduce costs and improve efficiency of your business via Fortifier.

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